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About Art

Milan Heger has created art consistently since the 80’s. That’s 40 years of bliss, happiness in creating and  manifesting his passion in various countries, places, cities and art studios.


The early art expression was reactionary, influenced by aversion to the communist system in Czechoslovakia. The color palette may have been darker, with rather existential subject matter.                                                  


The quest for artistic freedom came to fruition in the late 80’s with the move to Hawaii, Milan’s dream place and the tropical paradise of his imagination. It was almost like an explosion, a lightbulb turned on suddenly, and the art Milan Heger was creating during the 10 years in Honolulu was immediately of lighter palette and optimistic view of life. At the same time these years in Hawaii were years of discovery, search for artistic freedom and the elimination of self censorship in artistic expression.


The late 90’s to current time Milan created a substantial series, original and thematically structured to form a body of work that was shown in galleries and venues around the USA and the world. To mention a few: New York, Madrid, Fukuoka, Japan, Geneva, Switzerland.


Recent works are created in series with a dominant theme of personal freedom, duality, introspection, philosophy, and artistic take on human kind, people and the essence of being human. A more serious topic on Milan’s radar is the relationship between humans and the Artificial Intelligence entities. A.I. as it is known, will affect how we live and how we perceive the world.


Milan Heger’s art Is represented by Patricia Cameron Fine Art, and Ryan James Fine Arts.

© 2022 by Milan Heger

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