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Milan Heger

About Milan 

Milan Heger is a house of many rooms. Growing up in Czechoslovakia, Milan wanted to see beyond the limits of one country that was mostly closed to the outside world. The passion for good design and the dislike for uniformity lead him to look for a new life outside of the confines.

This was made possible by accepting a teaching position at the University of Hawaii and after the 2 year gig, Milan started his career as an artist, architect and a product designer.

One design discipline informs another. Art has an impact on fashion, architecture has a direct connection to interior design and product design. This collection of images from the archives, as well as current projects represents 40 years of design and production of prototypes, and subsequently a production of the design items. As many world class designers can confirm, certain projects need a dedicated client and sponsor. Some of the products were financed by Milan Heger and the company, with immense effort and dedication.

© 2022 by Milan Heger

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